Welcome to a word of funny looking words


Can you read the text above? Sure you can. It says “DiMECASH Diamonds.” The rest of the word is important to, because you are actually looking at a Dogecoin address. Confused? Don’t panic.

Most cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum ) have wallet software like this. All of the records are shared across thousands of computers, making it virtually impossible to trick the system. No bank is involved however so the system in entirely unregulated. When bitcoin was first created, Satoshi Nakamoto surmised that in order to have very small “casual” transactions which could never be reversed, the system must be completely distributed and set out to solve the technical problems to make that a reality. While this solution was necessary, it has caused some problems (many problems in fact) as cryptocurrency has grown.

Many systems have been created to try and counter these issues, but this one is unique because it allows every peer-to-peer transaction to be connected into a voluntary chain of trust, and it is all done with funny looking words like the one you saw above: DCxDiMECASHxDiAMoNDSzzzzzzzzUqhR6B