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All records that match the DCx format are shown here, regardless of who created them.  Records not created on this website are also shown.  At times some random records which can not be read will be included.

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free speexh              
when bitcoin gained
widespread adoption, our
ability to communicate
freely, cheaply, and in a
way that could not be
censored was secured
no one, including me, can
remove this message
because it is in the form
of a financial message
etched onto a
proof-of-work ledger. the
task of taking control of
the ledger to remove this
transaction would be one
of incalculable enormity
the message could then be
placed back onto the
ledger quite simply,
perhaps in a slightly
altered format
the message could also be
placed on one of over a
thousand similar ledgers,
or an entirely new ledger
could be created
attempts to remove this
message with official
leverage of some sort
would only further itg-s
even if the world finds
great fault with the
general gambit of this
system, other similar
systems are also
the best that a critic
could hope to find might
be an error in punctuation
or grammar which could be
used to distract from the
uncomfortable truth of
what this message has