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hurried.seasoners db     
hello, how are you
i am doing well
thanks for asking
this is the thing
which i have been
trying to describe
for months now
of course if you are
reading this now you
can understand how
cryptocurrency can
have a message
this messages gets
written out to the
world in a way that
anyone who is pointed
to it can read
this system is
significant because
transactions such as
this can never be changed
or erased and can
contain a payment or two
or one hundred and seven
that they describe
now i know the zeitgeist
of most liberal ventures
is to sit down for long
discussions, at times
with the help of
celebrated local experts
i have spend thousands of
hours on this system
and that makes me one
such expert, maybe we can
soon move from
the relatively safe
and sterile action
of thoughtful reflection
to organizing globally
by using this system
i am finally making some
progress and finding
like-minded allies
what i am working on is
hard and has drained my
funding and i now am
looking to friends and
family for help
i know that many of
you guys fit into that
the time for change is
right now and this
is a tool of global
communication and
transparent giving
i am not asking you to
understand something
impossibly difficult
but to trust your
intuition and what you
know of me.
i am presenting a tool
that we can use today
to quickly act with
radical financial and
social transparency
as our muslim brothers
and sisters pass through
ramadan, they are asked
give a zacat or payment
of time or energy, maybe
this uu fellowship can
help in the same way
i know that most of the
people who read this are
not going to be able to
financially help me, but
with just a few degrees
of separation, you could
probably get this message
to someone who can, or
at least someone willing
to listen and capable of
understanding why this
very message is quite
thanks for your support