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5a6389f45ab931ee159b905c162207293d6cfaf70116f7acc14af8501ded86dd blockcypher sochain
o.failed.brutus db       
why do you disparage
caesar-s trumpet that
strumpet dump-chumpet
finish the walrus
make murconia free
together we say
hail king donald
hail teflon rey
we worship and
wait this just
coming in
the country has
experienced a slight
secular shift
nothing to worry
about at this time
we now return you
to this episode
of d hero in our
time b now
o foenix culprit
o horticrux fool
fried politician
we kill them
and eat them
and turn them to gruel
rainclouds coming
there trumpty
slump clumpkins
rainclouds indeed
go rest ye great
leader in florida