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ac6eb9c07d266003ffb7143b13b177bc26899c7c40e69eb905152e810d481144 blockcypher sochain
fire on the mountain     
long distance runner, what
you standing- there for?
get up, get out, get out
of the door
your playing- cold music
on the barroom floor
drowned in your laughter
and dead to the core
thereg-s a dragon with
matches thatg-s loose on
the town
takes a whole pail of
water just to cool him
downfire! fire on the
mountainalmost ablaze
still you dong-t feel the
it takes all you got just
to stay on the beat
you say itg-s a living-,
we all gotta eat
but youg-re here alone,
thereg-s no one to
if mercyg-s a busg-ness, i
wish it for you
more than just ashes when
your dreams come truefire!
fire on the mountain