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All records that match the DCx format are shown here, regardless of who created them.  Records not created on this website are also shown.  At times some random records which can not be read will be included.

How this page works
cea1b337166b7b6de5f46903043480dcfa1df6e33b8c69d91ba579d9fc051876 blockcypher sochain db  
the blockchain project is
going quite well
this somewhat curious
pdf is actually an
example of it in action
i think you will find
this to be quite readable
you are also looking at
the exact linux command
used to send this from
a core node, which is
not hard to run.
in fact, i will soon
switch over to a windows
1o laptop that is more
than powerful enough to
serve as one of these
rather than devise
documention systems or
smart-contracts, this
just lets you write
whatever you want right
into the ledger along
with many line-items
that contain addresses
sending actual currency
judge for yourself
as to how easy this
is to understand
take note of the
numbers which appear
appear to the top right
these make reference to
secret files which are
shared offline but which
could also be numerically
validated and even
used in legal dispute
the file is included
above only in the pdf