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All records that match the DCx format are shown here, regardless of who created them.  Records not created on this website are also shown.  At times some random records which can not be read will be included.

How this page works
f7c4e90c73edc6e4fc546e62e3045ad38fa13f28ebce1da904e004a48262a5cc blockcypher sochain
this codeblock contains
two shoctal codes in the
transaction amount
a shoctal code is
created in the following
find the unix cksum of a
block of text
convert the value to
use only the first seven
add 2222222 to twice
shift the octal number
the transaction will be
quite unique because it
will contain a zero
followed by seven
numbers with none of
them being a zero or one
this is very rare
the first shoctal number
is of the address block,
so that it can be
externally validated
the second shoctal
number is of the
unfermented document, in
this case that would be
a bash script which can
be found on