Sentences and Beyond

Addresses that you can read can be strung together to form sentences in ways that are easy for auditors (like this site) to find.

This website presents some pretty big ideas in an emerging technology that is still in a somewhat dangerous “Wild West” stage. We don’t recommend investing anything in cryptocurrencies that you aren’t willing to potentially lose, but we do recommend investing your time in understanding what this is all about.

Because the readable records used in this system can be created or read outside of this website, this system is rather uniquely free and opened.  Much like with an email message or phone call, the system is larger than one service provider.  Although the format may seem overly simple, it is this simplicity that allows it to be so powerful and flexible.

Messages written into the blockchain in this format are no different from any other transaction and naturally and automatically enjoy all of benefits of any other transaction.  Miners or core programmers do not need to make some determination about these messages, and in fact don’t even necessarily know that they exist.

This makes the system radically free and opened.